A New Way of Being

RX: 10 Breaths + Practice Mantra 2 Times a Day [Minimum 3 Days]

Welcome to week one of the Holiday Detox Challenge!!

The theme of this week is A New Way of Being. The goal of this week is to begin to align ourselves with where we really want to be. We already know where we are today by completing the New Year Questionnaire. If you haven’t completed it yet you can find it here. If you have completed it, congrats! Taking action is key to creating change and you did it!

So let’s jump into this week’s challenge:

Step 1:

Take 10 deep breaths 2x a day

1 breath = inhale + exhale


Sounds simple, right? It is but the key is actually getting yourself to do it. When we slow down and take time to just be present with our breath, stress is released. It’s kinda like a reset button for the mind. The more frequently we do this, the lower our stress levels become and in turn the happier we are!

My recommendation is that you start with doing this when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Then you can begin to move onto implementing it throughout your days.

You will want to take your BIGGEST breaths here. That means breathing in until you no longer can inhale and exhaling until you physically cannot push any more air out. We also want to strive for inhales being equally as long as exhales. This will help elicit a relaxation response in your body & mind.

Step 2:

Practice your new mantra 2x a day


Okay so this is where completing your New Year Questionnaire will help a ton! On the New Year Questionnaire you had to rank all different areas of life. From there you realized which areas were the lowest and chose the one (or couple) that you wanted to improve the most. Well this week we are going to start that improvement by changing how we think about the lowest ranked areas of our lives!


Below is a list of the different areas that you ranked. Click on the one that you want to improve the most. When you do a mantra will be revealed. You can either use this mantra or tailor it to one that resonates with you.

Under the mantra is a text box where you can write how the mantra is true for you. In other words, provide proven evidence in your life of how the new mantra is actually true for you today.

This might prove to be quite difficult because when we are stuck in old thought patterns our brains are so used to seeing the world from only one perspective. With this exercise we are creating new mental patterns.

Throughout the week, it will be beneficial to come up with at least 3 different reasons how your new mantra is true for you. 3 reasons will really help persuade the mind to see your situation in a new light.

If you submit 3 separate reasons between now and next Sunday (and complete the New Year Questionnaire) you’ll be in contention to winning that 45-minute Holiday Detox Session ($250 value) with me!

Once you have your mantra you will want to practice it for at least a minute 2x a day.



Repeat the mantra in your mind over and over. Notice the emotional response it creates in your body.

Say the mantra out loud over and over. Again notice how it feels.

Repeat the mantra + the reason why it is true today until you feel an emotional response.

Imagine what your life would be like if the mantra were true today.


The key to this exercise is to notice how you feel as you meditate on this new mantra. If you just repeat the words, nothing will happen. The goal is to find the better feeling emotion that is associated with this new way of thinking.

When you emotionally charge yourself in this manner your life will begin to change. You will attract new situations into your life that may initially just seem like weird coincidences but deep down you’ll know it is because of this work that you are doing.

Trust in the process and give it a try!

Find your mantra for the week above.


Stephanie Lillian


holiday detox challenge week 1