Focus on the Positive

RX: Happiness Meditation + Gratitude Journal [Minimum 3 Days]

Hey hey! It’s week two of the Holiday Detox Challenge!!

How are you feeling after last week? If you completed the Rx for the week you should be feeling better about your lowest rated area(s) of life and a lot less stressed out.

This week we are going to focus on increasing our overall happiness. How cool is that?

In order to become happier we have to practice being happy of course. You see a lot of people get this whole happiness thing all wrong. They think that they need all of these things externally from themselves (better job, lose weight, find Mr./Mrs. Right) before they can actually be happy.

However that’s just not the case because if you’re always striving to receive happiness externally from yourself once you get what you actually want you won’t know what to do with it. You’ll just always be looking to the future for something else that you think will bring happiness.

The key to bringing balance & less stress into your life and making 2019 your best year yet is cultivating happiness and using that high-vibe state to attract what you really want into your life.

So let’s start getting happier together:

Step 1:



Listening to this Meditation for Happiness will be sure to brighten your day! When you listen to it multiple times throughout the week you’ll begin to train your mind to be happier. You’ll begin to see opportunity and start feeling better!

Happiness is something that we create. It is the result of thinking thoughts that feel good to think.

Give this meditation a try (for at least 3 days this week) and watch your disposition change!

Step 2:



Cultivating a sense of gratitude is a surefire way to emotionally charge yourself for success in the new year.

Gratitude helps us focus on the positive and reassures us that everything is always working out for us. I always love thinking about things that I have in my life today that I once only wished for. This makes me realize that things that I am hoping for today are on their way to me.

When we are grateful for what we have stress and anxiety about the future begins to fade away.

So let’s give it a try!

What are you grateful for in your life?

Submit 3 things you’re grateful for this week and be entered to win that 45-minute Holiday Detox Session with me!


This week I’m grateful for:

  1. You joining me in this challenge

  2. The unconditional love and support from my boyfriend

  3. My puppies (Chief & Shadow)

You’ll get extra brownie points if you relate what you’re grateful for to your lowest rated area of life from last week!

Also take some time to really feel into the emotion of gratitude. Just like with our mantras from last week simply saying (or writing) the new thought/ what we’re grateful for doesn’t really do much. It’s stepping into the emotional reaction that’ll change everything.

You’re doing such an amazing job!

Keep up the beautiful momentum!!

With gratitude,

Stephanie Lillian


holiday detox challenge week 2