What I know for sure is that you are worth living your happiest life.

There is no dream too big as long as you believe in yourself.

You are capable of having a successful career you love,

an amazing, fulfilling, stress-free love life,

& loving your body inside and out!

No matter how trapped, lonely, defeated, passionless, or scared you are right now…

it is possible to turn it all around.

How do I know?

Because I’ve done it for myself and have helped countless others do the same.


happiness is the key to your desires

There’s a spark of light within you that knows you’re meant for great things. It’s the reason you’re on this page right now. When we listen to this intuitive light life begins to unfold in miraculous ways. However we must peel back the layers of fear, disconnect and self-judgment in order to access it. Happiness is not a result of achieving everything we want in life. It is quite the opposite. When we become happy first we will attract all that we desire into our lives. The Happiness Multiplier sessions are meant to help you release negative emotions and amplify your happiness so you can find a career that feeds your soul, attract loving relationships & be truly healthy!


“Stephanie helped me work through some of my biggest anxieties. Honestly, I felt so refreshed afterwards! Let her help you & get the opportunity to work with someone so amazing!”

Kara H.



Think of The Happiness Multiplier like personal training but for your mind. As we work together you’ll notice your level of happiness multiplying! Consequently you’ll feel more confident, in control and at ease with the flow of your life. Buy one or many and use them as you’d like!

One 60-minute Happiness Multiplier Session


Four 45-minute Happiness Multiplier Sessions


Six 45-minute Happiness Multiplier Sessions

$399 (save $50)

Ten 45-minute Happiness Multiplier Sessions

$599 (save $150)

Note: All sessions are completed via phone or Skype and must be redeemed within 1 year of purchase date.

Limited number of spaces available. Book now to reserve your sessions.

laughter & joy

What would change in your life if you were actually happy with your job, love life, body & health?

Let’s figure it out, together!

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discover continuous support, accountability & love

“Stephanie knows how to motivate you, encourage you and get you to that goal you are dreaming of.

Anu v.

“I came to Stephanie needing help with making the emotional/spiritual connection between achieving my utmost desires. In my case, it was to feel a sense of power over procrastination & realize my dream of crushing the MCAT. I felt the mind-body connection was strengthened. I feel more in control of my life and where it is going and feel capable and less stressed.

Stephanie helped by being that voice who was providing me with direction as she listened to my struggle with procrastination and feelings of unpreparedness and encouraged me to use my emotions as cues in order to get what I want. Stephanie has a great attention to detail, is highly skilled and I would highly recommend her.”


“I can totally say anyone who needs help figuring out life’s issues, after my phone call with Stephanie I’m more focused on the positive than ever. Thanks Stephanie!”

Naomi M.

“Talking with Stephanie turned my luck around! After 6 months of rejections in an endless job search I finally got my dream job from IBM Watson in New York!”

Ashutosh B.


Listen to your heart

You deserve to be happy. You only have this one life so why not make it the best you can?

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